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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Silly Sunburn

Today was my turn to work on the shed doors - that's correct, plural. I thought Nathan was repairing only the one that showed from the street level, however he is repairing both shed doors. I painted the primer and light tan base coat on the doors and the trim pieces a chocolate brown. I started at 6 a.m. and finished about 8 p.m.

Somehow I got the strangest sunburn on my left leg, above the knee, a strip about 4" wide. As hot as it feels I'm glad it's only that size. Slapped some aloe vera on it after my shower tonight, hoping to cool it down some.

Nate grabbed ahold of the chocolate brown and proceeded to finish painting the trim on the house and rest of the shed. He went through nearly a quart of paint, and everything he did looks wonderful. Two years ago I came home from work to find the trim on the front and west side of the house trimmed in chocolate brown, when it had formerly been a dark green. Well, he ran out of paint and enthusiasm for painting at that point. Today's transformation is quite remarkable.

Nate was strategic where he painted, and managed to dodge the sun, so he has no sunburn to report. (grin)

Last night as I was putting out the HUGE for rent sign a husband, wife, and their toddler stopped to see if they could look at our house. They liked what they saw and said they want to rent it. I will be contacting the leasing agent Monday with their contact information to start things going. Makes me feel reassured knowing that things will be done correctly since they're being done by a professional.

I informed the gal in Phoenix of the local interest in our home, and she stated she didn't think her budget could handle what we're asking, so that worked out okay.

Tonight we experienced the most difficult part of our move thus far. We have a cat, Peaches, who was born underneath an evergreen tree in front of our house by a neighborhood feral cat. We rescued him several times and worked very, very diligently to tame him enough to pet him. Well, he tamed and at 3 months of age he became our housepet. He is the best cat, shy, quiet, docile, command obeying, 100% accurate with the litter box, and watches over us at bedtime.

We tossed around the thought of taking him to Alaska with us, but didn't think he would fare well on the 50+ hour ride, so decided to leave him here. We advertised for someone to take him, but didn't have any success with that. Anna discussed our plight with her future mother-in-law, and she agreed to take him. We have been cat sitting Brittany's cat, Yvonne, a rompy-wild cat that can jump 4' in the air at a bug on the other side of the glass door while they are living in a no pets apartment. Both cats went in the carrier tonight and out the door. It was bittersweet. Yvonne has a habit of walking about 1/2 step ahead of us, so we are constantly watching out for her or tripping over her. Peaches and Yvonne love to wrestle around in the evening, so it was nice to see them go together.

We are appreciative of her offer to take both cats, however it was tearful to see our "baby" leave us for what just might be forever. I've taken several photos of Peaches that will be going with us to Alaska which is much better than him hissing and yowling and shedding hair in nervousness on the long trip to Alaska. We are glad that we didn't need to take him to the local animal control shelter and risk him being put down. I'm sure we'll get updates on his progress.

Actually I just the first report is in...Yvonne is checking out everything in her new surroundings and Peaches has settled in, hiding behind the hot water heater. A smile through my tears.

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