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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Paintin n Purgin

In an attempt to get ahead on this packing I took two vacation days this week...Tuesday & Thursday. I spent the morning working on the 3-season room and got it all cleaned out. I bagged up 3 bags of paper to be recycled, a couple for Goodwill, one of garbage, one bag to shred, and a small box to keep. I knew I'd better get out there early in the day before it got too steamy.

This afternoon I worked more on painting the second door. I brought Anna and Brittany over so Anna could paint the railing on the front deck. She also worked on the sliding shed door and trim over the shed window. She did a very, very nice job. Brittany just wanted to drag toys out and then run back into the house to watch TV. She commented how moving is very frustrating. She isn't doing anything to help us move, which obviously makes her a good observer.

Stopped by to see the property manager about leasing our apartment. I had an appointment, but he acted like I was imposing on him. He didn't seem very eager to help us and set up another appointment to come over and look at the house Thursday morning. Hopefully the gentleman that stopped by the other night is still interested once the property manager contacts him. If he isn't, I have serious concerns about the property manager doing any leasing. I'll have to add that to my prayers and would appreciate it if you would too.

Goodwill called me again today, stating they found nativity figurines, but no manger. I asked them to keep looking, which they promised to do.

Well I need to shower and attempt to get this paint off of me before work tomorrow.

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