After spending 54 years from birth to 2008 living in Iowa I was presented with an opportunity to live in Fairbanks, Alaska. My blog is a diary of the adventure to get to Alaska, day to day life in Alaska, as well as facts for loved ones left behind in the Lower 48. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fairbanks, Alaska pictures

The apartment we live in. We're on the bottom floor...2nd and 3rd windows from the right are our bedroom and living room/kitchen.
These people have not only the trailer from a semi, but chairs on top of it as well.

Typical view of a street in Fairbanks. Houses are set amongst the trees.

Quilt at the State Fair. It represents a trip to the beach the quilter, her two sisters and mother took last summer.

Another quilt from the State Fair.

Another quilt from the State Fair.

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