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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BGH now a tourist attraction?

Today I was running the switchboard when one of our younger clients came wandering into the waiting area. Several new staff were relaxing during a break by the fireplace. The young lad walked up to them and asked 'are you tourists?'

We adults were amused by the thought of it...Boys and Girls Home becoming a tourist attraction. After spending a few hours (okay minutes) observing some of the client's shenanigans most tourists would be joyful at the thought of returning to their peaceful homes.

To my fellow BGH employees who work in the Lower 48 and are reading my blog I'm sure you can understand the humor I found in this.

On another positive note, I've been transcribing the psychiatrist's visit notes with our clients. The other day one progress note in particular brought me to tears. He reported that one of our clients received her GED. This is no small accomplishment for those without all the barriers and baggage of our clients, and to think that this young lady met her educational goal was very touching. We will be hosting a graduation ceremony and celebration for her in hopes that others will be motivated to achieve their goals and to give her the recognition due to her.

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