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Sunday, October 19, 2008

60-inch - Moose Musings

Moose hunting is something quite foreign to this Iowa native and perhaps to you as well. Here are several newspaper articles about the 60-inch club - hunters that scored moose with 60 +" antlers this year. After reading these articles I think you'll agree with me that moose hunting and harvesting is a LOT of hard work.

Click on the links that all begin "60-Inch Club" to read details in the News Miner.

60-Inch Club — Jeff Johnson, North Pole
Jeff Johnson was sitting on top of an Argo, munching on a ham and cheese sandwich, when he spotted the big bull.

60-inch Club — Jason Chalstrom, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
The bull, accompanied by two cows, was standing in the first “honey hole” that Jason Chalstrom and his hunting partners — his father, Bill, and friend Saul Williams — checked.

60-Inch Club — Mike Childs, North Pole
By Tim Mowry
As soon as he saw it, “I could tell instantly it was something special,” North Pole’s Mike Childs said of the 62-inch bull moose he shot on Sept. 4 on the Tanana Flats.

60-Inch Club — Chris and Pete Pemberton, Two Rivers
Brothers Chris and Pete Pemberton make a point of hunting until the last possible moment.

60-Inch Club — Jack Green
Jack Green, a 15-year-old sophomore at Galena High School, has killed more moose than a lot of men two, three and even four times his age.

60-Inch Club — Jason Donahue
By Tim Mowry
Jason Donahue was “just walking and looking, checking every stream, every pond, every lake” when he ran into a 60-inch bull moose about 3 1/2 miles off the Elliott Highway north of Fairbanks.

60-Inch Club — Arnold Marks Jr., Tanana
By Tim Mowry
“Every year my brother, Aaron, and I see all the big moose in the 60-Inch Club, and we were beginning to think that we would never bag one big enough to be in it,” Arnold Marks Jr. wrote in an e-mail. “In years past we walked all over the country searching for ‘Goliath,’ as we called it, but we were never lucky enough to get a really big one. We always shoot the first bull that gives itself to us, but this year we were extremely fortunate.

60-Inch Club — Kory Eberhardt, Fairbanks
Kory Eberhardt and his uncle, Bruce Maroney, were paddling a canoe around a lake looking for moose when they heard a gunshot from the other side of the lake.

60-Inch Club — Matt Ellingson, North Pole, and Clark Klimaschesky, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
Clark Klimaschesky and Matt Ellingson have had their sights set on joining the 60-Inch Club ever since Klimaschesky’s wife, Joni, and brother, Mark, made it into the club in 2001.

60-inch Club — Jay Hildebrand, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
When the giant moose he had just shot from 50 feet away jumped in a slough and started swimming, Jay Hildebrand wasn’t worried.

60-inch Club — Caleb Humphrey, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
Considering that Caleb Humphrey went to the Brooks Range to hunt caribou more than moose, he fared pretty well.

60-inch Club — Seth Marley, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
Steve Marley was setting his cross hairs on a bull moose that had a harem of six cows and an antler spread he estimated at close to 70 inches when “all hell broke loose.”

60-inch Club — John Rothweiler, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
As soon as he heard the grunt, John Rothweiler knew he was going to be eating moose meat this winter.

60-inch Club — Chris Tolliver, North Pole
By Tim Mowry
“I was hunting south of Fairbanks on a strip that a friend dropped me off on,” Tolliver wrote in an e-mail.

60-inch Club — Simon Suchland, North Pole
By Tim Mowry
After taking time off from the University of Alaska Fairbanks to go on a 17-day hunting trip on the Kelly River in the Brooks Range, Simon Suchland won’t mind if he graduates a little late.

60-Inch Club — Aaron Kremer, Two Rivers
By Tim Mowry
After setting up a spike camp about a mile off the Nowitna River, Aaron Kremer took a nap to get out of the rain. He was reading a book when he heard a “soft grunt” outside his one-man tent.

60-Inch Club — Gerald and Josiah James, Fort Yukon
After Rourke Williams told Gerald James that he had seen a big bull moose about 20 miles upriver from Fort Yukon as he flew into the village, James decided to check it out with his 13-year-old son, Josiah.

60-Inch Club — Blain Morris, Nenana
With two bull moose in the mid-50-inch range answering his calls and moving toward the tree stand he was sharing with his father, all Blain Morris had to do was wait for one to get close enough to shoot.

60-inch Club — Nicole Bifelt, Huslia
By Tim Mowry
After coming up a few inches shy of the 60-Inch Club last year, Nicole Bifelt more than made the cut this year as the lone female representative in the club.

60 inch Club — Rodney Pangborn, Salcha
By Tim Mowry
After winning moose-calling competitions in Salcha and Fairbanks this summer, Rodney Pangborn had a reputation to live up to.

60 inch Club — Brant Finstad, Fairbanks
By Tim Mowry
The big bull “just appeared,” said Brant Finstad.

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