After spending 54 years from birth to 2008 living in Iowa I was presented with an opportunity to live in Fairbanks, Alaska. My blog is a diary of the adventure to get to Alaska, day to day life in Alaska, as well as facts for loved ones left behind in the Lower 48. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final posting before leaving

This will be our final posting before departing for Alaska. I am feeling much better...still have the sinus thing going on, the fog in my head has dissipated, allowing me to think more clearly, which REALLY helps in knowing what I'm doing and doing it more fluidly. The bad side of it is that my emotions have returned, and what a mix of emotions. The sadness of leaving the wonderful people I work with, our family here in Iowa, the toil of continuing to sort through things and pack boxes, and the excitement of the new life ahead of us.

We aren't really ready to move, and I don't really have time to be blogging now but this is somewhat my indulgence, barometer if you will, of how we're progressing, and that this moving stuff will finally some day come to an end.

A brief synopsis of our progress:

-we learned it takes 12 days for mail from SC USPO to arrive at Fairbanks USPO. Talk about snail mail!

-received the pricey estimate from the electrician. He's to call tonight to arrange getting the work done.

-everything worked out with the lady we wanted to rent to - she will be moving in July 15.

-got new Verizon phones so will be keeping local SC numbers while in Alaska. Our batteries on our Sprint phones went dead a few hours after charging and figured if we went with Verizon could call both my kids for free. Now to learn how to operate the new phones. We have text, too, and I am enjoying that. Just checked in with Camilla and Brian - they are in Jamestown, North Dakota, 300 miles from Canada. I get excited thinking of their venture northward...can only imagine the excitement I'll feel when we're finally on the road.

-Received the report that Peaches, our cat, we sent to live with Nancy, hasn't adjusted yet - he still hides out behind the hot water heater or clothes dryer or stove and hisses at Nancy when she walks by. He does sneak out to eat and is using the litterbox, so will survive. Nancy is wishing Brittany's cat, Yvonne, would only follow suit and hide. Yvonne is extremely vocal and absolutely everywhere - especially wherever you are! We just may have to stop by one last time to see Peaches before we leave. On second thought, that would be too sad. Leaving him once was tough enough.

-The support staff had a nice reception for me at work. The punch fountain was beautiful and the cake absolutely stunning. It will be hard to leave "my" gals. So far I've not broken down and cried at work...however with today being the last day I probably won't be able to say that much longer.

-got through a HUGE pile of work at BGH last night - my goal is to not leave a lot of things undone...that was one more to mark off of my list, and it felt really good to have it out of the way.

-went to the hospital to see my employee who suffered severe brain trauma in her fall a couple of weeks ago. With the exception of being gregarious, she was her same "old" self. It was SO good to see her doing so well and gives me peace in knowing that she will be okay. We all had concerns she might have some brain damage from her injury, but she tracked with me in our conversation 100% of the time. God is so good in his healing and in our friendships.

-have decided we may not make it out of here until Saturday or Sunday. Nate and I are trading vehicles today so he can begin to pack my mini van. Still have a few more things to take to Goodwill and to the church before we have completely purged ourselves of all the stuff we don't need to/can't take.

-received our tax incentive check from the US IRS...just in time to spend it on gas, food, and lodging in Canada! How's that for stimulating the US economy?

-received my Alaska Airlines credit card - hopefully will get enough miles that we can make it back down to the lower 48 (that's what you all are called to Alaskans) for a visit occasionally.

Not sure if we'll have the time or access to blog while we're on the road. The digital camera memory stick is empty and ready to go. With both of us driving not sure how many photos we'll be able to take enroute, but will do my best. I'm sure my son, Sam, reads that as "mom will take photos of insignificant stuff and LOTS of them". When Nate and I went to San Diego for a weekend mid-May before he lost his job with Frontier when they left SC I took ONLY 750 pix, so you probably get the idea!

Well, gotta get ready to head to last day here in SC. Think I'd better have lots of tissues ready as I'm tearing up now!

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