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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alaska Weather Explained

Update on the camera situation - I took some photos of ice sculptures in their beginning stages, planning on posting here. When I arrived home and transferred to my computer I learned that the camera setting was on video, so have a one second shot of the ice sculpture accompanied with roughly a minute or so of the sky, my feet, trees, etc. Those will not be posted.

I sent my video camera in to Sony and they inform me it is repaired and on its way back to me. Yipee! I've been under the weather (not feeling well) recently and haven't felt like taking photos so actually haven't suffered as much video camera withdrawal as I'd expected.

Here's a web posting I came across that was of interest to me, and perhaps to you as well~

In the words of Johnny Horton "when it's springtime in Alaska, it's forty below" - welcome to spring!

As far as I'm concerned, spring starts when we get near the vernal equinox in March. Most will disagree, citing that spring isn't here 'till the snow is gone.

In March the sun starts staying up long enough to warm the daytime temps- a great time for outdoor activities. It may still drop to 25 below at night, but usually will warm up to 20+ degrees during the day, and warmer (on a good day up to 40). This makes for a good solid snow base and solid ice, with good weather for activities during the day (but--there are always exceptions to the norm in Alaska, when it comes to weather). If you garden, this is the time to start seeds, and plan the garden.In recent years the March weather has been warm enought to make short work of many beautifully carved ice sculptures.

In April we're all anticipating bare ground, and warm weather following much thawing in March- only to have our parade snowed on by April showers- yes, our April showers are white! Sometimes right up till the first of May, and often 8-12 inches at a time! This can stomp ones spirit right into the ground- it's better if you just expect it!

May is the prize we have all anticipated after 6 or 7 months of snow and cold! There's mud, and a winters worth of trash everywhere, but we just can't help but be giddy! After we clean up the trash it's time to pull out the camping and fishing gear (or whatever gets your motor runnin').

The last half of May, and the first half of June can be some of the nicest weather all year, with dry sunny days, and temps in the upper 70s and 80s. In June comes the summer solstice, and hours upon glorious hours of sunshine! We don't let this escape us.

The last of June and July brings the afternoon thunderstorms, and showers (I love a good lightning show!!!).

In August comes cooler weather and usually some rain (and more fishing, and berry picking, and harvesting the garden, bird hunting- this is a very exciting time of year). the rain is often a blessing in its own right after a hot, dry summer, and often more forest fires than we would prefer.

Late Aug. and September is autumn (still plenty of good weather and one of the most beautiful times of the year- moose season, too!).

October starts winter all over again- sigh.

This morning it is -30 in Fairbanks. Feels more like -5 in Iowa, since we don't have any wind in Fairbanks and minimal humidity.

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