After spending 54 years from birth to 2008 living in Iowa I was presented with an opportunity to live in Fairbanks, Alaska. My blog is a diary of the adventure to get to Alaska, day to day life in Alaska, as well as facts for loved ones left behind in the Lower 48. Enjoy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bags and boxes

Well, got one garbage bag ready for the trash, 2 bins of fabric for Goodwill, rounded up my wedding dresses and started a box for the newborns in need website. Nate boxed up his stamp collection to mail to a guy in Minnesota who sells stamps. While I appreciate the fact that he has chosen to get rid of something we don't need, I'm left wondering why he had to use one of the coveted paper boxes that I scrounged from work with the intention that everything we'll be packing will be in paper boxes so that they will stack nicely!

Nate and I relaxed a bit ago and watched some TV. There was some strange-sounding motorized "thing" operating in the neighborhood. Having lived here for five years I knew that whatever it was, we were safe and didn't bother to check it out. Then I got to thinking... 'if I were to hear this in Alaska, where everything is foreign, would I feel safe there too'? Every sound we hear in Alaska the first time will be foreign.

To a degree being in this situation kind of parallels with being given a diagnosis of only having a short time to live by one's doctor. Every interaction with our church family, Sam, and co-workers is savored and tucked away in our hearts. Driving down the streets of Sioux City I realize that to drive to the mall, grocery store, Wal-Mart, church, work, etc., in Alaska will all be a challenge the first time or two. There will no longer be the familiarity of hopping in the car and not thinking about what streets we're driving to arrive at our destination. Everything will require planning and mystery until we reach our destination.

Hopefully my posting two things in one day won't deter you from checking back in the future. I have no intentions if telling you about each and every box that's packed or its destination, but did want to let you know that I had some success in my trip to the basement.

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